Non-Religious Radio Roundtable

December 15, 2009

vocaloThis month I’ve been coordinating a series of on-air religion-related roundtables for Chicago Public Radio’s awesome mutant appendage Vocalo (sometimes affectionally dubbed YouTube for Radio). After bringing them in for a media training and coordinating their live broadcast (archive here) at the Interfaith Youth Core Conference I helped plan, I was invited to do bi-weekly roundtables for their December theme, Faith. I have had such a great time doing it — I’m responsible for coming up with each roundtable’s topic, populating the panels with interesting folks, crafting some prompt questions for participants to consider, and then participating in each panel along with the hour’s fantastic host, Tom.

This morning the panel’s topic was Non-Religious Identity. Though it took a few minutes for everyone to get warmed up, the panel was fantastic — lively, engaging, and unafraid to challenge one another, especially near the end. You can find an archive of the live broadcast here.

Also, here is a link to the first panel I coordinated, which was about Evangelical Christian Identity in America. Finally, here is my first on-air appearance with several other IFYC staff. We were on to promote the conference, and I spent a good deal of time talking about my non-religious motivations for doing interfaith work.

Stay tuned — the next panel is Tuesday, December 29th at 9 AM. You can listen live at or, if you live in Northwest Indiana or Chicago, on WBEW 89.5 FM.


3 Responses to “Non-Religious Radio Roundtable”

  1. […] that I coordinated for Chicago Public Radio / on Religion and Media / Art as a part of a series of roundtables they invited me to assemble. The panel includes Joanna Shenk (pictured at left), a Mennonite […]

  2. […] the topics of previous roundtables I assembled — Interfaith, Evangelical Christianity, Secularism, and Religion /Art — I have little in my identity to draw upon in speaking about Islam and […]

  3. […] religious-themed content for their on-air programming (you can sample some of these roundtables here, here and here). But today I had the privilege of appearing on the air to discuss NonProphet […]

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