3 Responses to “Muslims Mobilizing Chicagoland Communities”

  1. Anisha Ismail Patel said


    Thanks for facilitating and organizing this roundtable on the role of civic engagement in the lives of Chicago Muslims. It was a pleasure talking to the other panelists and meeting you and Tom.

    I would like to invite you to attend MWA events in the future and feel free to write/report about them too. We have a brunch event coming up March 13th Celebrating the Muslim Woman. At this event we recognize upto 3 women for the MWA Inspiring Muslim Woman’s Awarda. We encourage nominations from diverse communities to recognize women who have been active in the areas of Philanthropy, Community Service and Personal Development–the idea being to provide role models and encourage others to particpate in civic engagement.

    Thanks once again!

    Anisha Ismail Patel


  2. Jihad said


    Let me second Anisha’s comment. It was a great sharing of ideas and a wonderful discussion, and I am glad you invited us to be a part of it.

    If you are ever in Marquette Park, do stop by the IMAN office and get a look at the work we do! Also, keep your ears open regarding IMAN’s premiere community expression event, Takin’ It To the Streets, where thousands of activists will gather in Marquette Park on June 19!


  3. […] content for their on-air programming (you can sample some of these roundtables here, here and here). But today I had the privilege of appearing on the air to discuss NonProphet Status’ ongoing […]

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