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February 18, 2010

Hey folks! A couple quick updates on what is going on in this little corner of the internet helpfully broken up below into brief bullet points for those with short attention spans:

NonProphet Fans: We’ve had a tremendous response on our Facebook fan page, and are already nearing 200 fans! If you’re not already, please become a fan and invite your friends. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Facebook, Happiness and Relationships: Speaking of Facebook, I was recently asked by YouJustGetMe to give a statement on a new study released by Facebook on relationships and happiness. I even managed to relate the question back to religion — check out what I had to say here!

Conversation in the Comments: There’s a great conversation happening in the comment section on “Atheists Are Equally Ethical” — feel free to join in!

Lucky Linkers: Several blogs have started linking to stories on the site, including One Chicago, One Nation and Pediatric Health Associates. Thanks for reading, folks.

Delightful Designs: Many thanks to Michelle Ishikawa and Matthew Kennedy for the graphic design work they donated to NonProphet Status! You can see one piece of this talented duo’s beautiful work in the new banner above, and watch for more to be revealed soon.

Big News: The big announcement I keep alluding to is literally just around the corner and keeps getting more and more exciting, so continue to stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again to everyone for reading the blog!

[Edit: This post initially contained a link to a story that I found interesting, but I have decided to remove it after a more in-depth survey of the site that posted it. While I found the story interesting, I do not wish to associate this blog with the politics of that blog. I have no problem with sourcing folks that I don’t agree with, but I removed this particular link because I did not wish to confuse readers by suggesting an endorsement of the politics on that blog. My apologies for any confusion or misunderstanding that may have resulted from this posting / edit.]

One Response to “Site Updates”

  1. I saw you on Atheist Nexus, which I was checking out yesterday, and I wanted to reach out to you, but I couldn’t since I have decided to end my membership there.

    I have a collaborative blog called “Spirituality for Non-Believers” and I would like to extend to you our invitation at This is an initiative to help revitalize the political Left by demonstrating how spirituality and religion can be a positive force both in people’s lives and as a vehicle for promoting human and political solidarity.

    This began as an effort to reform the prison/criminal justice system, but I soon realized that the problem was not how our prisons are run per se but the way our society devalues the humanity of whole classes of people and uses prisons to disenfranchise them and dehumanize them further. Unless and until there is a collective change of heart in America, empathy will continue to be dismissed as a liberal code word; people aren’t going to regard one another as inherently worthy of life, liberty, and human dignity; and brute force will continue to be our primary solution to everything.

    I had high hopes for the folks at AN, but I found their sneering contempt for all things religious and spiritual to be smug and condescending, and off-putting in the extreme. Unlike atheists elsewhere, they do not appear to be interested in a respectful dialogue, and they seem to have taken their pursuit of like-mindedness to cult-like proportions. But, I sense that this is not the case with you, hence the invitation.

    If nothing else comes of this outreach, I would like to recommend to you Michael Lerner’s “The Left Hand of God: Taking our Country Back From The Religious Right.” From everything I can see that you are about, I think you will find this to be eye-opening and informative.

    Take Care,

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