Announcing the Share Your Secular Story Contest!

February 22, 2010

share your secular storyWe’ve been hinting that something exciting has been in the works for the past couple weeks; well, folks, the day is finally here.

We are so excited to announce the Share Your Secular Story contest, a call for stories by NonProphet Status!

We’re seeking previously unpublished personal stories written from a secular (Secular Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, et al.) perspective. The stories of secular people are scattered because we as a people are scattered. Because there is little cohesion among us, our voice is often not loud enough to be heard in the modern religious marketplace. The secular stories that do get broadcast are most often volatile – secular people taking swipes at religious people – and reflect a divisive “us versus them” mentality. What gets told less often are the stories of people, secular and religious alike, living alongside one another peacefully and secular people expressing their own values within a diverse society. We want to hear more of these stories. We want to hear your story.

PRIZES: We are thrilled to offer a wealth of exciting prizes, including a ton of signed gear (DVDs, CDs, and books) from Harvard University Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein, Interfaith Youth Core founder Eboo Patel, filmmaker Ky Dickens and musician Ben Lundquist. On top of that, a couple of the winning selections will be eligible for publication in the Washington Post’s “The Faith Divide” and Jettison Quarterly. Visit the contest page to hear more about our awesome giveaways!

PANEL OF JUDGES: We are also so very enthusiastic about our esteemed panel of judges featuring Dr. William Schulz, former director of Amnesty International USA and 2000 “Humanist of the Year,” academic Dr. Sharon Welch, superstar slam poet Alvin Lau, Interfaith Youth Core’s Mary Ellen Giess, writer Nick Mattos and DJ Erik Roldan. Check out the contest page to learn more about this all-star line up!

You can access the full details of the contest here. Click here to download a PDF of contest details; you can download it as a Word Document here. The submission period opens in one week on March 1, 2010. Spread the word, and don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions you may have.

Stay tuned here, at our Facebook page, and to our twitter for more updates on the contest. We can’t wait to read your stories!

4 Responses to “Announcing the Share Your Secular Story Contest!”

  1. babrock said

    Over time I have become an antitheist atheist about as miltent as C Hitchens tho I was raised a Baptist mostly and my conversion was rather long and uneventfull w/o any particularly interesting anecdotes. Here is one from when I was a baptist theist that I hope is somewhat amusing. This must have occurred some time when I was in High school. I had been told for most of my life that I was to accept Jesus into my heart as lord and savior, that this would then “save” me. I would be eligible for entrance into heaven after death and “filled w t holy spirit” in this one. That my parents had lied about Santa Clause not withstanding I believed them completly. I had seen a picture of Christ’s Apostles being “filled w t holy spirit” and it was depicted as lava from heaven engulfing them. I understood that this was artistic licence but still I ought to be feeling something, anything. This is an omnipotent being we are talking about. I ought to notice some change, but no, nothing, nada, awan.

    I brought this problem to our preacher. He was a big believer in once saved always saved so once he had me confirm that I had done t required act and that I was genuin about it he simply asurred me that everything was fine.

    I was relieved that I had done it right and that I was going to heaven and all but I could not shake this feeling that there should be some imediat pay off on this religiose desicion crap, tho I did not curse at all back then.

    This continued for some time. Some others in my church seemed to have a glass eyed stare that I was enviose of at t time but for me nothing. Then one day while singing in t youth choir I was a part of I felt a bit of a warm glow. “This is it”, I figured. “It is belief coupled w enthusiasm that is t key”, so enthusiasticly I sang louder and my glow increased. “Man this religiose thing is realy paying off” I thought, “finally”. Not long after our singing ended my glow fadded completly. ‘This holy spirit thing is supposed to be eternal. I have finaly figured out that t key to it all was belief coupled w enthusiasm, I believe and I am enthusiastic. So what is wrong? Why did this feeeling of being filled w t holy spirit vanish? What is going on here?” I put my head to it and soon enuf figured that I had hyper-ventelated while singing louder than normal.

    After that I often would sing louder attemting to get back that warm glow. And I cannot remember being overly concerned about being filled w it after that.

  2. Robert said

    since when was Christianity ever about a pay off, let alone an immediate one?

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  4. […] Hemant Mehta, Erik Roldan Speak Out on Sharing Secular Stories We recently announced the launch of our Share Your Secular Story contest, a call for stories that aims to give secular folks an […]

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