Interfaith Radio Roundtable: Malaria Eradication

March 25, 2010

“Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria.” This is our world. How can we make it a place where children do not die of malaria with such devastating frequency? Two people working in Chicago — not exactly a hotbed of malaria outbreaks — have an idea. And it involves the collaboration of people of all religious (and nonreligious) backgrounds.

me and tony

TBFF: "Tony Blair Faith Foundation"? No. "Totally Best Friends Forever," right?

Earlier this week for this month’s Interfaith Roundtable on Vocalo, I brought in Amy McNair and Rebecca Oyen from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, as well as their friend Allison Fisher, to discuss their efforts to eradicate malaria. Rebecca and Amy are the Chicago delegation of the Faiths Act Fellows, a collaborative project of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Interfaith Youth Core. As co-facilitator with Vocalo personality Tom Herman, I got in on the conversation as well, which covered the work they do and the idea of people of different beliefs collaborating around common values. It was a great conversation and I had a lot of fun facilitating it. You can listen to it here. Stay tuned to NonProphet Status for future updates on the very important work these two are doing in Chicago.


2 Responses to “Interfaith Radio Roundtable: Malaria Eradication”

  1. […] being or beings exist.” Really? There is no more noble effort? Not caring for the needy or working to end the great illnesses of the world? Tabash continued: “If we succeed, we Atheists will have […]

  2. Brian said

    On a related note, here’s a really good atheist store I found. Well, primarily atheist and science stuff…

    Aristotle’s Muse

    Maybe wearing an atheist T-shirt won’t change the world, but then again, maybe it could.B

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