Exclusive: Emanuel Aguilar and Nick Mattos on Share Your Secular Story

May 10, 2010

Only five days remain to submit an entry to our Share Your Secular Story contest! Below, two exclusive statements from some of our collaborators:

jettisonEmanuel Aguilar

Marketing and PR Director, Jettison Quarterly

Jettison Quarterly is an arts and culture magazine who’s mission is to provide a platform for the further development and progress of contemporary culture in Chicago. Though we primarly focus on Visual Arts, Music, and Fashion, it is our overall interest to explore an interdisciplinary practice that encounters all fields. It is our belief that true progress can only come from being informed. This is why we are ecstatic to support and be involved with NonProphet Status’ Share Your Secular Story contest. Jettison is composed of a family with various religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and that is why we think it is important to not only support but also give a voice to all groups. Jettison is optimistic for the future, and the future is NOW.

Nick MattosNick Mattos

Writer / Share Your Secular Story Panel of Judges

On my garnering a degree in Religious Studies and my ongoing experience as a writer of religion, I began to see a great void in the literature – where were the examples of true personal narratives about Secular Humanism? There are plenty of anti-religious and counter-religious stories – one simply needs to look at the massive canon of “ex-cult” literature to see that there’s no shortage of one-time converts who are compelled to share their personal truths. However, what are not present in the discussion are religious narratives of the non-religious – secular stories.

Why is it important that secular stories get shared? Part of the real importance of religious narrative is to provide examples of what it means to live out spiritual or moral truths in the world. In this way, the stories serve a didactic purpose – they take abstract moral values and demonstrate them in a way that makes them real. Remember The Book of Virtues? Almost twenty years ago, conservative pundit-slash-former Secretary of Education-slash-Catholic activist William Bennett ripped off the title of the Tao Te Ching to provide a set of stories to orient the moral compass of a new generation. Why was it vastly influential? For all of the right-wing hamfistedness of the anthology, it insisted primarily upon showing and not telling – demonstrating what ethics and morals are, rather than detailing them.

syssWhat we’re looking to do with the Share Your Secular Story contest is not to create The Atheist’s Book of Virtues. We’re not even looking to make The Agnostic’s Book of Human Folly. What we are looking to do is to make the world split open. We are looking to give a growing presence in the landscape of spirituality – Secular Humanism – a place within our society’s narrative of virtues. The stories we’re looking for are stories that illustrate Secular Humanism’s heart, yes – but they’re also stories that give Humanism a body, hands to move in society, a face. We’re looking for stories of people exploring a world made meaningful, not by tradition or dogma or mysticism, but by the stark and elegant poignancy of just being human. We’re looking for you to share your secular story.

For Nick’s full guest post, click here. For more on the contest, click here. Don’t delay — the deadline is only five days away!


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