MIA Sings About Loving a Lot… or is it Allah?

June 20, 2010

mayaLast week I came across “Lovalot,” a new song off musician MIA’s upcoming album /\/\/\Y/\ (or Maya). MIA’s been a provocateur from the start, and I have a sense she’s setting out to prove a point with her new album after accidentally stumbling into mainstream success. So it wasn’t that I was surprised, I suppose, when I heard this song — but I have to admit that my mouth fell open and I put my hand to it.

What about this song got me gasping? Spin Magazine, in an early review, highlights “Lovalot”:

“Lovealot” [sic] alludes in part to the iconic, viral photo of a pistol-wielding Russian/Islamic couple — the husband, a terrorist leader killed last year by police, and the wife, a teenager who tried to avenge his death by suicide-bombing the Moscow subway (at one point the song was titled “A/bdurakh/man/ova,” after the girl’s surname). Merely 20 seconds in, M.I.A. spits, suddenly, “Like a Taliban trucker eatin’ boiled-up yucca / Get my eyes done like I’m in the burka,” and then, “Like a hand-me-down sucker throwin’ bombs out at Mecca,” and on and on. What’s more, when she purrs the line, “I really love a lot,” she stretches the last two words so they sound like “I really love Allah.”

When I listened to the song for the first time, I too heard “I really love Allah, but I fight the ones that fight me.” Here is a link to audio for the track (and please, if you download, support the artist and purchase later). Check it out and give me your feedback. Do you think it was intentional? What point do you think she’s trying to make? Is it a daring artistic statement or just in bad taste? Discuss, folks!


3 Responses to “MIA Sings About Loving a Lot… or is it Allah?”

  1. Aladdin said

    I love this song and I do feel like its intentional.
    She wants to push the envelope and after seeing her Born Free music video and the allusions to Palestine etc I wouldn’t be surprised if she stretched the word a lot to sound like Allah. She has referenced Islam in multiple songs and I believe she aligns herself with the plight of Muslims perhaps because many of the Muslims in Europe, where she grew up, live in the deplorable conditions in the ghetto.

  2. Zach said

    It’s about a Russian terrorist and his wife. Of course it was intentional.

  3. XXXOO said

    I think she’s just trying to bring out different points of view.
    her born free vid hinted to the genocide going on Sri Lanka (where her parents are from). A genocide no one did anything to stop.
    M.I.A. has always been politicall in that sence with certain songs.
    Like “Amazon” and “M.I.A.” or “Tell Me Why” -which would even come to people like us, living in better conditions- in her music, no matter what part of the world it is, M.I.A. seems to have tried to speek about it in her music.
    and this song, would be the from the view of this russian terrorist..
    so of course its internation like most of her music obviously is
    but I dont think its done in bad taste.

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