Cambridge Broxterman Strikes Again?

July 26, 2010

If you read this blog, you’re familiar with Cambridge Broxterman. She was one of the women who did “Back in Their Burkas Again” at the American Atheist Convention this last spring; after I wrote about my experience there, Cambridge read my blog and offered an impassioned video response. We then got into an exchange that prompted her to post another video about me, which I then responded to here on NonProphet Status.

Sure enough, we were both at the Secular Student Alliance National Conference this last weekend, and — surprise, surprise — she decided to make a video about it. Please make sure to watch this one the whole way through:

4 Responses to “Cambridge Broxterman Strikes Again?”

  1. Zil said

    Haha, I’m really glad to see you guys getting along. You do bring up good points and, well, remind me to keep a more open mind and respect people of different opinions a bit more. (Well, except when it comes to my sister…)

  2. Hitch said

    Good on you guys. Humor and self-irony rocks! Now if I can only get my muslim friends to draw a smiling stick figure with the label atheist next to it and I get to respond that it’s a peace sign. 😛

  3. Hana said

    this is great! also chris, your minnesota accent really comes out here

  4. […] enough group as it is; do we want to make ourselves even smaller? So it might be best to follow Chris’ lead, reach out to each other, […]

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